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As Industrial Cutters, we are here to meet your die cutting needs as price efficient as possible, as fast as needed, with the customer service and product quality standards that you will expect from us every time.


Die Cut Specialists 


Industrial Cutters, is a subsidiary of Geo General Automotive located in Istanbul, Turkey.


Since 2008, our company has provided die cutting, water jet cutting, mould forming products for the needs and demands of Turkish industry  for overseas customers located in the EU.

Our in-house capacity in pressing includes traveling head hydraulic cutting presses, swing arm cutting presses, cnc knife cutters, mechanical (vargel) type presses.


Our main services which we offer you, can be summarized as follows :


* Product Design Support

* Industrial Cutting

* Double Sided Adhesive Banding

* Lamination and Coating

* PreOrder Sampling by Water Jet Cutting

* Box Dividers Packaging Solutions

* Case Create  and separator

* Moulded Thermoform Products

*Industrial Sewing Line

* Promotional Items


The main sectors which  we  work with can be listed as below ;


* Automotive - Transportation - Cabin Interiors

* Construction - Insulation

* Furniture - Interior Design

* Packaging- Transport Box Dividers

* Handcraft - Hobby

* Electric - Electronic - Carrying Trays

* Promotion - Gift Boxes - Consumer Items


Our mission is to continuously improve ourselves year by year. Our growth engines are the quality of our human resources.Our  focus will be providing outstanding customer support,as your project partner of choice for the future, to be there as your project partner of choice, today and for the future.



                                                                             INDUSTRIAL CUTTERS TEAM